Smoking meat can be a dirty process, with ash, dripping fat, sauces, and more to deal with. Not frequently cleaning your smoker leads to a filthy smoker, which is unhygienic, produces tainted food, and be embarrassing for any dinner party guests in your home. We are here to help with the easiest, most convenient, and relatively fastest way to get your smoker clean and ready to use. This step-by-step guide seeks to help you continue preparing sumptuous meals and improve the life of your smoker.

After smoking some fantastic food and massively impressing your guests, they go home to leave you with crusty grill grates, a drip tray full of grease, a chip tray of total ash, and all sorts baked onto the inside walls and floor of your smoker.

Here Is the Checklist of Requirements You Need to Have to Clean Your Smoker

  • Tarpaulin or newspapers to cover work surfaces and floors
  • Bristle-free grill brush
  • A bucket of warm soapy water
  • Sponges or cloths, and a scouring pad
  • Metal spatula or grill scraper
  • Tongs, paper towels, and vegetable oil
  • Tin or microwave-safe bowl and boiling water

Here is the procedure of Cleaning your Bullet Smoker

Chunks of old food and gunk can build up around the hinges, edges, and anywhere that the meat, oil, and juice may reach. You do not have to clean and scrape every last bit, but make sure no grime can come into contact with the food. Beware of muck and residue that may crust over and fall onto the food from the lid and metal grills.

  1. Cover Your Work Area

First, you need to cover your work area; otherwise, you risk damaging the surfaces and floors as grease and grime can be pretty stubborn and damaging. Use tarpaulin or newspapers, and be sure to cover everything that might come into contact with your smoker or any of its parts, as well as underneath lumps that will come out during the cleaning process.

  1. Remove The Ash from The Chip Tray or Smoker Box

The chip tray or smoker box is where all the wood chips, charcoal, or coal are burnt that add the smoky flavor, and after smoking, all the ash will collect at the bottom. Remove this tray and dispose of the ash in the bin.

  1. Remove grill, Water Pan, Drip Pan, and Clean Them

Remove the grill, water pan, and drip pan, and if they are dishwasher safe, just put them in so you can get cleaning the rest of it while your trusted machine does all the hard work for you. If not, scrape out the grease in the drip tray with a metal scraper, and then wash each part in a bowl of warm soapy water, using the grill brush to remove any built-up grease and grime.

  1. Rub Down the Sides and Bottom of Your Smoker

The smoking process means that the inside of your smoking chamber will get very greasy and sticky with residue after each use, and not just at the bottom of it as it will get everywhere! Use a scraper to scrape off any thick grease gently, and then once this is done, use a sponge or damp cloth with warm soapy water to scrub the inside walls. Once the sides are rubbed down, scrape the fallen lumps and grit from the bottom out into a bag or pan, and then rub the bottom with the sponge and warm water. Make sure that you start with the top of the smoke chamber and work your way down the sides, with the bottom being the last bit to clean; otherwise, you’ll end up cleaning the bottom twice.

Try it and let us know your experience in the comment section below!