Are You a Beginner User of Smokers? Well, You Need to Use a Bullet Smoker!

Designed to use a smaller quantity of charcoal than other barrel smokers like CUEWAY K1 would use, this makes the vertical water smoker more efficient for beginners. For those with little or no experience in smoking grilling, this vertical water smoker, alternatively referred to as bullet smoker (most call it the bullet smoker because of its upright bullet shape), has been proven to be a perfect choice.

The assembling of this bullet smoker is less demanding and requires no skill. The lower section is the charcoal chimney. The mid-section is for filling with water, alcohol, cider, or the liquid of your choice. The upper section is where you place your metal rack to hold your food to be smoked. When all set, you can easily set your preferred temperatures by adjusting the vents on the bottom and top of the smoker. Use the former vent entry tent open for the traditional barbecue temperature of 225 to 250 degrees.

Hassle-free temperature regulations

Setting your temperature and maintaining them for excellent cooking when using this bullet smoker is easier. If you have ever used a smoker for grilling any food, you understand how hectic it is to clean after the cooking. With this vertical water smoker, you will be surprised how it is easy to clean.

Parts Description:

The firebox: Here is where you place your charcoal. It is perforated on the bottom to help fire up the chamber.

The water Chamber: this is the central chamber, where you add water to enhance the cooking. The water bowls sit on top of the charcoal or wood entry access.

The cook Chamber: Here, you have the wire racks for holding your food and extend to the top where lid that helps conceal the food and retain the heat. On the top of this chamber, you can read the temperature.

The small size is preferable for individuals who live in limited space. The manual to use and operate is very easy to adhere to and get great results as a beginner. It doesn’t emit a lot of some; thus, it won’t create an inconducive environment. Being very light improves the portability of this device for a barbeque away from home. The most efficient cooking because of less operational demands from this smoker.

Wondering what differentiates this smoker from others? Here are more reasons you need it!

This vertical water smoker is a less complicated smoker that will excellently help you smoke your food. As a beginner, you need no skill to use it, and getting great results is relatively easy. And for the smoke flavor, this vertical water smoker will get you the ultimate taste that will leave you craving more. Considering the divergence of this product, I believe this is the right smoker for you.

Get it, try it and let us know your experience in the comment section below!