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  • The flat barbecue sticks prevent the food being skewered from rotating or moving when flipping over shish kebab skewers on the grill. Stainless steel Cuewaybarbecue skewers can be fully rotated so that the food can be evenly heated and seasoned around.The hand hook design makes the rotation easier, so that the food can be evenly heated.
  • Ergonomic Handle. The Cueway handle provides max comfort for you, making it easy to maneuver the kabobs. One-piece kabob skewers are easy to grab when you are pulling them off the grill. It is also easy to grip with tongs,won't get hot, and allows for easier hanging.
  • The Cueway Skewer Stainless steel barbecue skewers allow for complete rotation so the food can be evenly heated and seasoned on all sides. The angled tips of these kebab skewers help you to easily pile up without splintering the food. But it is not too pointy so you won’t impale yourself.
  • Cueway skewers set includes total of 4 grill skewers works for shish kabob, shrimp, chicken, fruit, vegetable, meat, beef and more.
  • Easy To Clean and Reusable.Unlike wood and bamboo sticks, stainless steel Cueway skewers are reusable. After each use, make these skewers sit in warm water, wash your hands with gentle detergent hand or throw them in the dishwasher, wipe off the water and keep in a dry place, they will be like new.